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Train at home without any equipment and in your own time. This is all bodyweight training and you can utilise the space at home without travelling to the gym.

Improve strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance, stamina and also your performance in sports and other physical activities.

The workouts are scheduled for you and ready to go without any stress and confusion.

Client's Transformation!

6 Week Transformation Program

"Definitely gained some strength and confidence along the 3 weeks! So happy with some of the results! Seen improvements every week and keen to keep going. Awesome program! :)"

6 Week Transformation Program

"It helped me a lot and i can tell i have more flexibility when doing yoga. I definitely recommend this to anyone because this program is killer. Workouts your whole body and I also enjoyed the mobility exercises and meditation."

6 Week Transformation Program

The exercises which finished off intensely and ended the whole challenge with this sense of achievement! It taught me about appreciating progress and how each one of us are unique in our own way both physically and mentally.

6 Week Transformation Program

This program helped me so much in flexibility, control, balance and self doubt. This has helped so much mentally and physically. I recommend this program to those who want to change and feel better about themselves.



What programs are available?

A 6-week Body & Mind Transformation challenge, a 6-week Strength & Muscle Gain and a Flexibility & Mobility Flow program are available. These are coaching and non-coaching programs. You train at home anytime.


What are the programs about?

The programs are designed for people who are ready to take their fitness to the next level! It is for those who wants to reduce joint pain, stiffness, improve strength, endurance and lose fat.


What is type of fitness is included?

It includes a combination of dynamic body movement and basic bodyweight movements. The workout includes, strength training, HIIT, power drills, flow body movement, stretching and meditation practice.


What will I achieve from this program?

The DO-ERs will achieve a strong, fit, and flexible body along with a positive DO-ER mindset. This program will transform you to a stronger, better and a happier version of yourself.


How long are the workouts?

Depending on the program, the 6 week transformation challenge is 6 days a week, approximately 30 minutes a day. The strength & muscle gain program is 3 days a week depending on your speed.


What do I need to prepare?

An open and a positive mindset. Also, the willingness to learn and expand your knowledge to improve your body movement skills.


What equipment do I need?

Your bodyweight. It is beneficial to have a foam roller for stretching and body massage.


Can I still challenge myself if I am new to fitness?

If you have have some fitness background, both the challenge and the strength & muscle gain program is suitable for you. If you have injuries and want to slowly build flexibility and mobility, the upcoming 'Ultimate Flexibility Flow' and 'Body Movement University' programs will be suitable for you.


When can I access the meal plans and the nutrition guide?

Gain access to the meal plans and nutrition guide only for the 6-week programs.


What happens after the 6 week transformation challenge?

You can keep challenging yourself to maintain your fitness level or try other programs to further develop your skills.


What are the support contact details?

Please send a message or email through Instagram or Facebook @marcozhengfitness. (Email: Brisbane, Australia

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